Tribe Basket

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The signature Tribe basket luxe handcrafted basket.  Local Genuine Leather with sweet grass and Recycled plastic. The craftsmanship of the Tribe baskets is 8 days process.  Traveling from our Artisan weaver in Ngaye to Chase for the  leather details. This oversized storage basket is ideal to stash-everything. Topped with a fitted lid and leather handles. Luxuriate in the space this basket is held .

Handcrafted by a  master artisans in Senegal, each basket takes eight days to complete. 

  • Size: 37.7’’ height x width  16.5 »
  • Wipe clean
  • Please know that our items are each made by hand and one-of-a-kind. They may each vary from item to item, and may have slight imperfections – that's what makes them unique! These imperfections are not considered damage.

  • Description:

Our baskets are handmade by the artisan women in Rural Areas of Senegal. That means that they travel from Senegal to California to you!!!  These Artisan women have skills and traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations.They work from home, usually weaving under mango trees in the late afternoon and evening. The process of making the basket is called "coiling". They take the local grown grass and it is wrapped in recycled plastic strips. Making these items durable, sustainable & Eco-friendly.

The entire process allows our artisans to extend their market from local to global, allowing them the opportunity for independence and empowerment. Thank you for supporting their work and allowing their traditions to be passed down through families and into the global marketplace.